Jeff Quintana has been performing since 2003. He has trained and performed at some of the biggest comedy theaters including iO Chicago, The Magnet Theater, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NYC, The Peoples Improv Theater NYC, The Annoyance Theatre Chicago, Second City and more. Jeff has been an instructor for Annoyance Theatre, iO Theater, and the Playground Theatre in Chicago. He was the co founder, original Artistic Director, and created the original shows, programming, and curriculum for Villain Theater before moving on in 2017. He continues to work in Miami to create new and innovative theater through emotional vulnerability using his Chicago training with Speak Easy Theater Co. Follow Your Fear and grow.

Jeff Quintana is an outstanding improviser and improv teacher. He has taught at Improv U many times and I’ve seen a huge improvement with my students and myself after working with Jeff. He is always professional and courteous with students as well as when he performs. I highly recommend Jeff Quintana as a teacher and performer.
— Anthony Francis, Owner, Instructor, Performer at Improv U

Jeff Quintana is excellent at what he does. He’s an excellent improvisor, teacher and coach. I’ve had the opportunity to perform with him and learn from him and he’s always on point. He’s one of the first people on my list when people ask if I can recommend a good improv coach. When my students take a class with him or are coached by him, they come back stronger. This guy has trained for this. He’s educated, he’s passionate & he’s talented. I strongly recommend you book him if you’re on the fence about it, because if you don’t, someone else will.
— Kathleen Kenny, Instructor, Director, and Performer Bob Carters Actors Repertory

Jeff Quintana is a remarkable teacher. I know him to be insightful, caring and affirming. He is also a great and very funny improviser!
— Mick Napier, Annoyance Theatre in Chicago | Author of Improvise: Scene From The Inside Out and Behind The Scenes: Improvising Longform

Jeff Quintana was a performer and a manager at iO for approximately 6 years. It’s hard to say exactly how long because I’m never sure if he really left. Whenever he visits, he’s always on lights or on stage or coaching a group. That’s because Jeff truly cares for this work and for the people involved. His attitude and personality are the epitome of what a good improviser needs to be. I urge anyone who reads this to support Jeff in his newest endeavor and I guarantee he will support you right back.
— Charna Halpern, iO Theater in Chicago | Co-Author of Truth In Comedy with Del Close

I have known Jeff for years and I think what he is trying to bring to Miami and what he has to offer is worthwhile and valuable.
— TJ Jagodowski, Veteran Improviser of the show TJ and Dave | Co-Author of Improvisation At The Speed Of Life: The Tj And Dave Book

Jeff is dedicated and passionate about improv. This plus his years of experience in Chicago makes him someone you will definitely want to work with.
— Jimmy Carrane, Host of 'Improv Nerd' podcast

Jeff Quintana Is a great performer and teacher in the South Florida Improv scene. If you have not taken a class with him, I highly recommend that you do. I continue to be impressed with what he is doing to further this art form.
— Billy Merritt, Veteran Performer And Instructor Uprights Citizen Brigade LA / NYC

Jeff is a passionate teacher that leads with his heart. Any student would benefit so much from a class with him. I love performing with Jeff! He’s fearless and full of joy so I always feel supported.
— Nnamdi Ngwe, iO Theater Performer and Instructor, Co Founder of 3Peat

When Jeff is on stage, it’s impossible not to watch him. He’s magnetic and passionate about his work which makes him a joy both onstage and off.
— Stacey Smith, iO Theater Performer and Instructor, Co Founder of Stacked All Female Musical Improv, and former Training Center Director of Improv Boston

Jeff is the kind of teacher that makes improv fun and smart. There are so many things that can get you in your head but Jeff gets all of that out of your way so you can play like a pro.

— Shantira Jackson, Second City Alumni, iO Alumni, TV Writer, 3Peat, Comedy Central

Jeff is a superb improv teacher and performer. He has been our guest at Florida Studio Theatre a number of times and he has always left my patrons laughing and my students happy. Not only is he well knowledgeable in a number of different areas of comedy but he is an amazingly warm person that makes it a pleasure to work with him. If you can host Jeff, don’t hesitate in doing so.
— Will Luera, Artistic Director of Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, FL.