Acting Intensive 7 Week Workshop Series

Based on the methods and teachings of Jeff Quintana mixed with techniques that are tried and true, this workshop series focuses on strengthening every person's emotional, connectivity, and imagination. At the beginning of the program, the workshops focus on listening, following impulses, trusting your instincts, working from moment to moment, pantomime, and working off of an acting partner. Over the course of 7 weeks, the workshops complete a rigorous series of spontaneous theater exercises designed to flex the participants' imagination and practice commitment to high stakes circumstances. This class helps the students become more aware of what's going on between them and to help them develop skills for daily and stage use: inner and outer awareness, subtext, and physicalizing character. The goal of the workshops is to develop spontaneity and truth in both scripted and unscripted performance and everyday life.

Recommended Prerequisites = None Recommended. Open to all looking to get started with their acting training.


Our Speak Easy School Of Acting Curriculum can be taken in any order as long as the student feels they are ready for the material. We will always include any recommended pre requisite classes in the description of our courses. The Speak Easy School Of Acting is meant for those who wish to pursue a career in acting/writing on stage and in film while also becoming a more effective person in their every day lives. Our system is based in the spontaneous and scripted theater techniques recommended and created by Creative Director Of Speak Easy Theater Co, Jeff Quintana.


Week 1: Intro To Acting

In this workshop we will work basic techniques to get you in action with powerful knowledge for both on stage and off stage confidence.

Week 2: Intro To Pantomime, Clown, And Space Work

Our bodies and movements tell a story. In this workshop we will be practicing the skills of pantomime, clown, and space work to increase the actors awareness of their body / environment, specificity, and attention to detail.

Week 3: Bringing Real Life To The Stage With POWER

One of the biggest issues people deal with is how to bring a unique and diverse point of view to the stage and in the world. In this workshop, we will explore how to build up the most unique voice each person has, their own! Confidence off stage equals confidence on stage which brings out your most unique self.

Week 4: Snapping Into Action, Character, And The Moment.

In this workshop, we will do the impossible for some people which is doing anything at all. Most people are waiting for the perfect moment or someone to give them permission but that all stops after today. Whether it be entering a room exuding confidence or nailing an audition, this workshop is built to get everyone out of their head and into the moment.

Week 5: Creating Characters And Powerful Moments

Character work and Viewpoints Training are powerful tools for not only the stage but for life as well. In this workshop, we explore how to create characters and manifest powerful ideas through visualization. You will see the amazing awakening you'll have by being able to see, breakdown, and create powerful moments both in your life and on stage.

Week 6: Confidence With A Script

Being confident with a script, presentation, or speech is important for every job as well as acting. In this workshop, we will teach skills to break down scripts, add marks to remember movement/tone, along with memorization. Words are power and you get to embrace them! Scripts will be given but feel free to bring whatever short piece you may be working on.

Week 7: Auditioning For Film And Theater

Every role requires an interview and no matter what skills you may have audition and interview skills are a whole different thing. In this workshop, we will dive deep into what goes into an audition including what to expect, how to prepare, and what makes you stand out in a room. Your nerves can destroy your chances but after this, you will see that the definition of pressure is just opportunity.

Where do classes take place?


Speak Easy Theater

(In The Annex Of Taquiza)

7450 Ocean Terrace,

Miami Beach, Fl, 33141

How does pricing work?

Classes are $200 for all 7 weeks starting on the first day of the workshop cycle or $35 per workshop. Workshops are small being capped at 12 students so all receive personal attention.

How long is each class?

Once a week, 2 hours per class.

Are there shows?

All students are welcome to perform on open nights or via audition at Speak Easy Theater in North Beach.